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———   here is how we build our communication projects   ———

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{1} Analysis and Strategy

Analyze together with the client the needs of the project.
The analysis includes a swot analysis and research on competitors.

We establish together with the client the appropriate strategy and functionality of the project to follow.

{2} Planning and design

The project planning includes a draft of the project in order to design and deliver a design proposal to the client.

{3} Design implementation and functionality

The technical expertise is important in a functional project. The search engine optimization (SEO) is involved since the beginning of the project in order to deliver a functional and successful project.

{4} Client presentation and training

After the graphic and functional proposals are ready to be presented to the client.

The training is also essential in order the client to know how to coordinate his delivered project.

{5} Client test and approve

After the client approved the project and received his training. The project is ready to be launched.

{6} Maintenance and Technical Support

After the project has been launched it will be maintained and receive technical support in order to keep up with the running needs and new technologies.